Sprite Sheets

Hey guys,

I’m a 3D Artist by trade but picked up a Nibble for my daughter and we’re building/coding it together.

I’m scoping out what’s possible right now and I’ve run into a bit of a wall with pixel sprites; how to load them and display them. Is there a way of doing this in blocks currently or will this need to happen in code?

I saw a post about how to do this for the phone kit but not sure if it applies here or if there are further resources.


So after some digging, I think I need to convert any sprites we want to use to a byte array and reference it as a separate file ‘sprites.c’ in C++ and load in the sprite to use.

I found a web based tool on the forums to do it and a space invader example project. Might be a bit difficult getting my kids head around all that.

I think we’ll build the game out of prims in blocks, do the graphics together, then finally I’ll swap out the prims/do the implementation.

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Thank you for supporting our work.

Yes, the sprite editor is on our to-do list.

I’ll see you around the forum


Ah that’s great. In the meantime I’ll figure it out in code and will do that manually.


Glad to hear that, please keep us posted :slight_smile: