Standard and Soft Core Wires

All, our assembly is going well, but I have hit some problems with the standard and soft core wires. Core was missing and I have stripped the soft copper wires back too far I plan to visit Maplins (electronics shop) tomorrow, but what should I ask for?

Thanks Jason

Solid core wire is used when soldering the charger (in my opinion) just for making it simpler, as it keeps its shape really well, but you can also use the little pieces of lid you cut from the resistors, as I did :slight_smile:

For the speaker, any stranded core wire of between 30 to 20 AWG (American Wire Gauge) should do the trick :wink:

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@ladbsoft, thank you for helping @Jrees006

@Jrees006, soft core wires already come pre-stripped in all of the kits bought after March 2017 and do not require stripping. The solid core wire is not included in the kit. These were all mistakes in the old build guide, we’ve redesigned it now and corrected the mistakes like that one: