Stuck in app, also after reboot


I just started building some first apps en loaded them on the SD and they are working nice.
But now it’s not possible to go back to the start menu the home button doesn’t work.
After a reboot the app starts automatically and not the normal menu.

I can only solve this by restoring the firmware is there any other way to just quit the app and go back to the normal ringo menu?

Hope to hear from you

Try the home button (the house), the choose the “exit door” symbol.

Hi Faidros,

Thanks for the fast response.
The house (home) button doesn’t work as described.
In the other standard app this button works, but not in the example made apps with circuit blocks

Ok, im pretty new to this, i thought that was a standard screen in system. Oh well. Guess we will have to wait for someone who knows more than us!

In your application, when you detect a condition (e.g.: button press) that you interpret to mean reboot firmware, just call:


where “mp” is an object of type MAKERphone.

The home button method will also work if you’ve called:
in your application, but if you didn’t, the MAKERphone firmware won’t be running in the background, and thus the home button won’t work.

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