Stuck on Loading, joystick only moving left and right

Well, this morning I booted up my ringo, newly finished.
I got to the unlock screen, unlocked the phone.
But, when I get to the next icons. Phone, contacts, sms, etc…
I can only move the joystick left and right, will not go down! Trying to get to my settings.
It does not read my T-mobile sim card, either…
Stuck on the loading screen.!
I even removed the sim card and did a reset, and it still is stuck on the loading screen.
Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not…
My joystick has never let me go down though, so I could get to my settings…
My joystick worked on the test part of the phone, though.
Please help…

ringo 01|333x500


Thank you for supporting our work and I am sorry for the problems that you’re having with your Ringo.

Please, send us a few photos of your Ringo’s front and back side without the casing attached via email to

Someone from our team will respond and help

Well, I got the phone to work…
But, my joystick only moves left and right.
No up and down.
(it did work on the test, when the phone first started.)
I cannot get to the settings, etc…
I did send a email with photos of my phone…
Thank you

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Got the new joystick!
Installed it and works like a charm!
Got so excited, dropped the damn phone and now my case is cracked up! Ugh…
Need a template, so I could cut a new case!

Thanks Ringo!

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