Now this is a long text but this is worth it.
The addon is like a bit and it includes:the things that has a bit expect the battery and the space to insert that module insert thingy, insert thingy, a extra button and thats all.
The extra button is to show controls for the connected bit (must be on and connected) and here are the controls: 1.Restart, 2.Restore Firmware. 3.Reset and 4.Repair.
Now importing is easy. First u go to the website then select import to addon. Then u connect it like normally and then u can select ur game. After selecting it just press transfer and it iwll transfer it to the addon.
And u can also update it wirelessly trough wifi and also it has a animation that shows a drawn bit writing on a piece of paper with the progressbar. After it is done the progressbar is gone and there is a animation of being happy and then he waves to u and then the device is restarted. (WARNING:THE ADDON MUST BE CONNECTED WITH USB C ON A PC TO PREVENT DEATH OF BATTERY OR ELSE THE DEVICE WOULD NOT LOAD THE MENU)
Inorder to enter factory mode u must right on boot hold menu and button A to enter factory mode. Like android factory mode but u cannot apply updates but have restore addon. And also u have a boot from sd card option.
Now when first time booted up they are gretted with a welcome screen and then thye start to setup their addon.
Lets call it “The Writer”.
Now The Writer addon has u to setup:
Date and time.
Transfer from a PC (connected with USB-C and with the program for transferring included on the device hard disk. )
Connect your CircuitMess account
And thats all there is to setup. !
Like in bit when on the menu when u click the menu button it also shows settings with the restart option and wifi option and other stuff u can add!
Now inorder to write the game on a bit u must: select the game, make sure the bit is connected, check for installed micropython (can be also set using the addon) and select execute. After it is executed u hear a beep sound and on the display there is a drawn bit that shows a thumbs up that says executing complete!
When a game is selected u can:run, execute and delete.
U should now add more features and i hope u like my idea and sorry for taking your time reading this text.

Hey @Petar,

thank you for reaching out to us and for your feedback. As you know, currently, it is not possible to have both the stock firmware and Micropython installed on Bit at the same time. We will work on this in the future so that something similar to what you described in your post will be possible :slight_smile: