Tetris Game

Hello Community,

i have build a Tetris clone. Code is public on github, for the people who want to see it.
I worked at it now for > 5Months. But it works now.

I hope many people will test it, and send me some bugs (hopefully there are no bugs :slight_smile: , but no one knows :smiley: )

It is not fully ready, but the Game works, and it plays the Tetris theme.

You can pause the Game by pressing B and resume by pressing again B.
When you want to restart the game, pause it (with B one time), and then press A.

I don’t made a video for know, but i will do it later.

Github Link: GitHub - bugtesterdani/Tetris: CircuitMess RingoPhone Tetris Clone

Best regards, Daniel


Well done Daniel and thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

We’ll share it on our social media, and credit you!

-Monika from CiruitMess