TFT and buttons do not work with Nibble rev2

I got my Nibble on Monday. TFT and buttons worked with the firmware that was pre-installed upon delivery.
After I installed the first example, the TFT wouldn’t turn on. After many more failed attempts I wanted to use the firmware recovery. However, that didn’t work. Importing the firmware via the Arduino IDE did not work either.
Further analysis then revealed that the sound works but all buttons and the TFT do not.

Luckily everything is open source. So I could find the commits:

For everyone who has the same problem - I manually copied these to the following folders:



Now it’s working!

My question: When will these changes be distributed automatically and where can I find the firmware for Nibble rev2?



I think i have the same problem. Does nibble rev2 have two integated circuits insted of one.
What shuld i do with second “link” it opens like eight folders.
Fist one added #include “src/Nibble.h”.
But second one idk.

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I downloaded GitHub - CircuitMess/Nibble: A library for coding the CircuitMess Nibble and copied all files and folders into C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\cm\hardware\esp8266\1.0.1\libraries\Nibble

I downloaded GitHub - CircuitMess/CircuitOS: Core OS and library used in every firmware for CircuitMess' boards. and copied all files from folder src/Input into C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\cm\hardware\esp8266\1.0.1\libraries\CircuitOS\src\Input

I think you could use all files from CirciutOS, but I choosed only Input.

Tipp: You get better error messages with Arduino IDE.

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Then I yust run arduino IDE?
sory im slow and my computer turned off :smile:

yeeeeeeees love you man I’ts working you are legend :stuck_out_tongue:


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Here are the answers for “When will these changes be distributed automatically and where can I find the firmware for Nibble rev2?”.

Our programmers will push the change for automatically distributing changes in CircuitBlocks.
They’ll also publish firmware for Nibble rev2 today at GitHub.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Monika from CircuitMess