The hard swallow for epaper, what can the Makers do?

(Feel free to hijack this post with eink ideas. It will help me, and the design we’ll need)
I don’t have to point out that epaper devices are super expensive.
If anyone came out with a decent device for less than $50, it is sure to do well in the long run.
Most epaper goes into “ereaders” and tablets. However, Makers have been tasked with building these devices ourselves. With PaperTTY, running OS over RPi has been possible. This is not a success. It is simply a well documented accident. The list of working screens in many cases is unusually random.

My personal investment on this topic has been quiet. My ideal product is $400 on sale. It is the Freewrite laptop. It works like a Chromebook and most everything is saved via cloud. I would need it to do stress-free writing. Without distractions -accompanied by the simplicity of a book, I could think without the headache and eye strain I get from my research based around LCD panels and tft screens.

Even if - let’s say Circuitmess decided to waste a weekend testing out the PaperTTY with the RPi, it would go a long way. As a company it would be a well deserved investment to sell an installed RPi unit + eink screen. It may even be imperative that investment go to a cheap Arduino based laptop for writing.
The cheaper $200 alternative isn’t doing so well. I’m pretty sure it has functions too…