The remote control function works!

I was able to test the new remote control function today.

CircuitBlocks updated tonight to 1.6.0 and I was able to re-flash Wheelson firmware. I did a quick test and it still did not connect to Byteboi, so I figured that the Byteboi needed a firmware flash as well. After flashing both it was able to connect and I was impressed that you were able to send pretty decent video over. I also like that the headlights are linked to the “A” button as a extra touch.

Also, just a few days ago I was able to do some CircuitBlocks coding for tracking a ball and driving towards it. (without Wheelson’s processor crashing out) Definitely feel I’m getting my moneys worth now out of the kits.

Congratulation’s to the programming team! :tada:


Hi @DocDoc,

thank you so much for your feedback! :slight_smile:

We are so glad that you are satisfied with our devices. :slight_smile:

Monika from CircuitMess