The SD card slot on the brain board does not appear to "lock" the card

The SD card slot on the brain board of my MAKERPhone does not appear to “lock” the sd card. When i press it in, I feel the spring resist, and it pushes the card back out, but it never “locks” so that the card is more deeply inserted. Is this expected? Before i solder it to the large board, i though i had better ask.

Hey beernutz,

That is rather odd.
When you push the card in, it should do a little spring click and then ‘peek’ out for about a quarter of an inch (0,6mm).
When you push it out, it should peek even more, about twice as much (half of an inch or about 1,25mm).

My question is, does it get ‘more inside’ on every second click or is it always in the same spot?
If inserted correctly it should be a little bit out but not too much.

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That’s how i thought it was meant to work. Currently it is always the same depth, and the click i was expecting does not happen.

Here is a small video showing the issue:

And yes, i know i messed up the pin headers darnit. lol.

Ouch, well this is an issue.

It seems that the spring has gone off. Has it been like that since the beginning?
If so, we can send you a replacement board or try to fix this one.

You can also try to improvise yourself, put a little duct tape to hold down the card or some other material.

If nothing works, contact me at and we will arrange something.


It has been that way since it took it out of the box. If it is not too much trouble, a replacement would be greatly appreciated.

beernutz, I have a simple question… how did you manage to upload your video (videoplayback.mp4) to this topic? When I try to upload or drop a video, it says I don’t have permission, only image files, zip, rar, and the like.

I took it with my phone, so it is stored on my google account.
I asked for a “sharable” link, and i pasted that link in my message.

It should work the same if you upload your video to youtube
(you can keep it “unlisted” so that only those with the link can see it),
then post the link in your message

Thanks, that works better but in my case it shows a thumbnail instead of an embedded player. Clicking on the thumbnail plays it in Google’s player, which is fine - just different.

Hey Robert😃 i have exactly the same problem with my MAKERphones SD card slot aswell. Is it ok if i send you my MAKERphone to your office in Karlovac, so you can fix it and send it back to me?

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You have a DM. :wink:


Hi Robert and everyone else. I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but my ESP32 has the same issue. I received the phone a couple of days ago and just opened it up. Directly out of the box the sd card slot will not lock the card in place.

Hey Pete,

Not a problem at all! Send me a DM with your details so we’ll arrange something. :slight_smile:


Hi @robertCM,

Could you shoot me a DM instead? I may be too new to the forum for that to be enabled. Didn’t see an option on your profile and didn’t find a FAQ. I’m feeling a little dumb right now.


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You didn’t pull it out all the way. All the SD slots work this way. It’s just a long wire design.

Only the SIM can do that.