This? Well that's just 2.2k PCBs and 1.5k boxes

Hey folks, we’re working hard on delivering your rewards.
Here are a couple of mediocre pictures I took with my phone.
1.5k boxes:

20k pushbuttons and 20k button caps:

2.2k PCBs in the background:

800 Li-Po batteries (there are three more of these boxes):


Come on Albert!!
We are just waiting for you. Good luck!

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Ooh, I see a 3D printer in the background, is that a Prusa i3?

These pictures really put into perspective just how much effort you guys are putting into getting these kits out as fast as you are, thanks for all your hard work!


The “Makers Paradise” hahaha :heart_eyes:

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This reminds me, I need to actually buy a soldering station and stop mooching of my dad. Any recommendations on a budget?

Wow! I could swim in all those components! (Even if it is as painful as it sounds…)

Keep up the good work! I’ll be patiently waiting for mine :smile:

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Hey, thanks for the pics and progress updates. Looks like you need a kitting party!!! Good luck and I am excited to get our kits!!

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