Thoughts on Nintendo Labo

What the title says.

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I’ve seen the thing yesterday evening and it looked really innovative.
It’s a really cool idea for boosting Switch sales and promoting the brand, Nintendo usually likes doing experiments like this one.

I might even get one for myself, I’m really eager to try the thing out…

Should we make a MAKERbuino Labo kit? :joy:

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I am huge fan of Wii accessories even in Wii era (such as gun or knife for Wiimote and nunchuck), loving the whole arcade like experience at home. This Labo thing could really open up kids play and imagination on another level, building interactive mechanisms. However in order to do so one would first have to master box construction mechanisms or origami lol. Hoping that some basic modular concepts will be provided from the get go, so that figuring out how to layout an assemble-able (is that a word?) cardboard module doesn’t get in the way of what the module is intended for.

Why not, would be cool to see what might come out of using Switch in combo with Makerbuino. Or at least Joycons? Maybe some ‘Incredible machine’ type of stuff xd. Either way, very excited about it, same as with Makerbuino.

I actually thought about the makerbuino when I first heard about it. It seems like nintendo was inspired by the increasing popularity of diy projects and their own history as a toy company to make cool projects that blur the line between videogames and physical games.

I think that the Makerbuino could do a similar thing except on with a more retro feel and being more hands-on with the electronics.

Since the makerbuino can hook up to all sorts of sensors, it really could do a lot of things that labo does except in a retro way. Kits providing cardboard and the required sensors or motors, with the Makerbuino as the brain, could be really fun projects that would give the opportunity to make a cool toy with moving parts but also be able to understand how everything works. I think the approach they’re taking is exciting because it inspires the imagination. It’s too bad it’s so expensive, but the makerbuino is a lot cheaper, so maybe there’s opportunity there…

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yes, the idea is very good but the price is very expensive for games and cardboard sheets…
but yes, this idea could be fine for makerbuino to make controled arm with a separated kit for the cartboards and the electronic (because alot of us could have already servo motors, and classical components).

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