Unable to Restore Firmware

I purchased the Jay-D to build and evaluate for a potential workshop at an educational technology conference. I soldered everything, powered up and was able to see the controls and completed the build. Once I powered back up, the screen did not show the screenshots on the website. I tried installing MicroPython and it took three attempts. Then I loaded some of the prebuilt code which did (and still does work). However, when I plug in the Jay-D to power, nothing on the screen lights up. The only thing it will do is run the code I load to it.

So… I’ve been trying to restore the firmware to see if that puts it all back to normal. The firmware restore status only alternates between . and _ until it just stops on the _

It never loads any restore code. Help please…

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Hey @Marc_Elliott,

sorry to hear about this.

Please send us a few photos of Jay-D (back and front, without the casings) to contact@circuitmess.com and we’ll help right away :slight_smile:


Greetings Monika,
Email sent.


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Thank you for sending an email, Marc!

I responded to your email awhile ago. No success in your recommendations. The unit still takes programming and performs the code loaded correctly, but there’s nothing built in and it won’t restore the firmware.

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Hey Marc,

thank you for your reply.

Please look at our last email; we did not receive a response.

We were about to send you the new PCB and wanted to double-check your shipping information.

Thank you in advance,