Under The Tower

Under The Tower is a turn-based RPG that I have been working on in my free time for a while now. It’s finally done, and I’m excited to be able to share it!

I decided to not use the SD card to store data to avoid feature-creep, so all the game contents are contained in less than 32 KB. I still have tried to add a lot of game features in that small space:

-A 64x64 tile overworld
-10 randomly generated dungeons
-An epic main quest
-5 side quests
-An inventory system with 6 unique items, each with their own combat effects
-Three playable characters
-Nine unique abilities
-32 unique enemies
-Over 800 words of dialogue
-A save and load system, so you can save your progress

Please let me know what you think! I ended up spending way more time on this than I expected, so I hope that you enjoy the result.

You can download the game here.


This looks awesome!
I’ll give it a try at my lunch break :smile:
I also granted you the “Game creator”-Badge! :slight_smile:


I tried it.
Interesting system!
I was interested in only one thing.
On the map, the character is caught in the corner and stops.
I will continue to enjoy it! :smiley:


Some tiles on the map don’t fill the entire tile, so collision with those tiles feels wrong since the collision is with the invisible corner of the tile. Also, some areas have an opening exactly as wide as the character, so it can be hard to get into those openings.

Getting caught on corners can be frustrating, and I have a couple of ideas of how movement could be improved in the game. I didn’t implement them because I was worried about space constraints, but I might be able to try and fit an improvement in movement. I might release an improved movement patch if I can get something working.