Unplugged spencer not working

Hello, we are making the codes for spencer and they are all working great…as long as spencer is plugged to the computer. When we unplugged it he remembers nothing.

What are we forgetting to do?

Thank you

Same for us. Maybe it doesn’t hold memory. My son would like to take Spencer to another room and plug him into power and have it work with the last program run.


thank you for reaching out to us. When the devices get turned off, you need to upload the code to them again. Spencer doesn’t have its own power source, so it needs to stay connected in order to run the code, as disconnecting it would turn it off automatically.


So it need to always be connected to the computer? That is not very fun :slightly_frowning_face:

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Hey @Eph,

yes, Spencer has to be connected to the computer for it to work.