Upgrading the makerphone a little bit

so i ordered my standard makerphone kit with tools through a polish distrubuter(since i live in poland)and a 4inch spi screen and i tought about upgrading the size of the screen from 128160 to 320240 and a bigger battery and i wouldnt use the gsm module alot but i will use it if i forgot my phone or even if i have my phone


The idea is good, however, every Ringo app has been specifically made for this 128x160 screen size and things would have to be completely re-worked for anything different, so it is a no-go.

For the battery - no problem, bigger batteries of the same type should work normally, it’s just a questions whether you’ll be able to insert them inside of the phone. :slight_smile:

Keep in touch if you plan to make any progress on this!


oh well atleast its not makerbuino resolution and i could try to write something so it scales up to 320*240

and i could design my own case incase i want to add a bigger battery or any other mods im also thinking of making the ringo into a small computer and porting cp/m if it wasnt already ported to c

i could also reprogram the number pad so it haves numbers and letters im actually going to start coding a app or game for ringo on my lenovo laptop

It should be no issue get a bigger screen and write some code for it. However, you should be aware of the physical limitations of ESP32 and the amount of RAM - you might not be able to get a very high frame rate on much bigger screens.

This is quite an interesting field and a lot can be done by using many different algorithms, so I suggest that you explore it a bit more if you find it fun since a lot can be learned here.

All of this should be a very fun project - feel free to reach out if you need any specific details about the phone! :slight_smile:

And of course - keep us updated!


yes i am aware but 512kb should be enough for a decent game and i even tho i wrote a game on scratch i couldnt get a single cube to move left and right on circuitblocks language im going to need to actually learn how to use circuitblocks to write a simple platformer and as im aware there are dip 8 sram chips that with small tweak i could get 590k but creating a os in circuitblocks will take some time but the esp controller atleast is faster then atmega328 chip and 160-280mhz should and the stock spead is close to intel 486 bec it runned 150 mhz to 160 mhz im refering to the adz version