"Upload error" occurs every time I upload simple program or reset firmware

I send a report from the title screen of CircuitBlocks, but let me paste several lines of it which are possibly useful for diagnosing the issue.

"details": "uploading error: exit status 2",
"stdout": [
  "esptool.py v3.0-dev\r\nSerial port COM3\r\nConnecting...",
  { omitted }
  "\r\n\r\nA fatal error occurred: Failed to connect to ESP32: Timed out waiting for packet header\r\n"

Could you help me?

I’m not sure it’s related to the issue, but we successfully uploaded the same program from our OSX laptop several times before. Now we’re facing the issue on my Windows laptop.

During trying to upload programs using Arduino and its CLI, the issue has been solved :sweat_smile: I’m closing this topic.

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Dear @polikeiji I’m glad you’ve resolved the problem you were having! :slight_smile:

Dora from the CM