Upload error

I’m using Firmware 1.0.1 on my phone and CircuitBlocks 1.0.1.
When creating my “hello world” app and trying to upload it, I always get “Upload error. Check your Ringo then try again.”.
Also when I try to Restore the Ringo Firmware from CircuitBlocks I do get the same error.
Any suggestions?

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Hey Sejin,

What operating system do you use? We’ve had some issues with the MAKERphone connection with the Mac computers.

Does your computer recognise a new device when you plug it in?


Running Win10.
And yes, it does recognice the device.

There is a possibility that the cable is not working properly.

Please try some different cables, because some malfunctioned cables may cause data connectivity issues.


Good idea, but still did not work.
On the other hand, what did work was changing from the USB2 port to the USB3 port on my PC.
No idea, but maybe the connection does need more power than the USB2 port can provide?
Thanks, Chris



Yeah, the current that the USB can provide is also vital here. All computers should be able to handle this, but I’ve seen some really bad front-panel USBs on older desktop machines that were causing trouble.

Anyways, I’m glad this was fixed :slight_smile:

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