USA 4G Users: Which Carrier do you use? Where?

Hi all! In my efforts to sort out my Ting woes and issues with calls, I am looking for an alternative carrier to try. I have T-Mobile for my normal service and Ting uses T-Mobile here, too…so I need other alternatives.

Which carriers are the rest of you using (with success)?

Since carriers use differing frequencies and such depending on region, if you wouldn’t mind mentioning your City or even just your State, that would be helpful too. I’m in Texas, so other carriers known to work well here with Ringo would be ideal…but I can sort out the comparative network specs for any given region on my own by knowing the carrier+state.

By having a KNOWN working carrier SIM for this region handy, I can [hopefully] sort out, once and for all, what’s going on with this Ting/T-Mobile problem I’m having. I just don’t want to have to buy multiple carrier lines just to find out which do and don’t work. :relieved:


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I tried T-mobile, Ting, and Verizon with no luck. I went to an AT&T store and talked the sales person into letting me try a SIM from his personal phone. It worked perfectly in my Ringo, and the sales guy really liked the little homemade phone.

I gave him 10 bucks for his effort, and we were both happy. I am in Virginia.

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@kfixman Thanks for the quick reply and advice! I was thinking AT&T, as well. They are the dominant superpower down here in the south, so might as well give them a shot.

Edit: Well, I suppose any MVNO that uses AT&T’s network should suffice, anyway…not sure I care to pay AT&T’s high prices, even for prepaid service. Might try one of the MVNO first. After doing some digging around, it turns out that T-Mobile/Ting only offer “limited” (read: “regional”) support for ONE of the 2G/3G bands the SIM7600A-H use. On the other hand, AT&T supports both B2 and B5 in the 2G/3G realm.

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I use T-Mobile for my everyday service, and I am very happy with it.

I just wanted to see the Ringo working, and once I determined the phone worked, I was satisfied. I don’t use it for making calls but rather to play with the programming of apps.

I would just borrow an AT&T SIM to make sure the phone works.

Just a heads up, this was on a galaxy s7, but ting charged me once for 10 gb used in like a 4 hour period, when my phone was off and I was at work where I get no cell service. I asked to see location and data info and the couldnt/wouldn’t provide it. They only removed half the charges, despite all the evidence I provided that my phone didn’t use the data.

So after an extra 100 on my bill, i switched to min mobile. You pay all at once for a year, but get 4gb or whatever u choose a month then throttled. No more risk of being charged 100s extra with no info to back up the charges