Using Makerbuino to control LED strips with FastLED

I would like to use my Makerbuino to control LED strips. There are 3 leads o the LED strip positive, ground and signal. Signal controls each individual LED on the strip for color, brightness, on off, etc…

Which pin is in on the makerbuino that would be the signal pin to use for the Arduino? One of the breakout leads but I am not able to find the pinout info online about it

FASTLED loads in the Arduino IDE and can load on the makerbuino, just need the right pin.

I don’t have my MAKERbuino at hand right now but if I remember correctly pin D5 should be routed to the breakout-header.

How are you going to power the LED strip?

*Edit: Yep, according to the schematic pin D5 is routed to pin 1 and 2 of the Breakout-Header.

Thanks, I saw that seeing the schematic after my post.

I’m planning to power the strip with an external power supply. Pull ground and pin 5 to control the strip using the internal battery for the makerbuino.

There are some YouTube videos on controlling / powering the led strip with the arduino chip and the makerbuino has that chip and the output.

I have a $7 Bluetooth controller for led strips and it works well through my phone. But it just has the canned patterns available. With the arduino there is access to the library of example code and ability to program custom patterns.

Okay, that’s fine. I was just wondering if you were trying to power the strip using the battery of the MAKERbuino :smile: