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So the latest firmware that downloads is 1.0.5, and the latest Ringo library for Arduino is 1.0.5. But the latest Ringo board for Arduino is 1.0.4, and if I install it and select Burn Bootloader, it burns version 1.0.2??? I can obviously download 1.0.5 from the GIT and burn it using esptool, but there seems to be an inconsistency in the Board package numbering and in what version it burns vs. its name vs. what’s actually the latest. Suggestions?

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Hey @frankprindle, my Arduino IDE is showing Ringo by CircuitMess version 1.0.6 installed. I am using the following URL for my additional boards URL:

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Well, when I select Sketch/Include Library/Manage Libraries in Arduino and search for Ringo by CircuitMess Library and click on the box Select version, my choices are only 1.0.0, 1.0.2, and 1.0.5, so I selected 1.0.5.

When I select Tools/Board “Ringo by CircuitMess”/Boards Manager in Arduino and search for Ringo by CircuitMess and click on the box Select version, my choices are only 1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.0.3, and 1.0.4, so I selected 1.0.4.

When I then select Tools/Burn Bootloader in Arduino, it proceeds to burn firmware that identifies itself as version 1.0.2. Thus my confusion.

Where would I enter that URL you posted above to get 1.0.6 (even though the update process tells me that the latest is 1.0.5)?

Hrm, that is a bit strange.

Here are my results:

Help -> About Arduino: version 1.8.12

Tools -> Manage Libraries: Search for “ringo” - Mine says v1.0.5 installed. The version drop down menu has v1.0.2 and v1.0.0 listed as options.

Tools -> Board: “Ringo by CircuitMess” -> Boards Manager: Search for “ringo” - Mine says v1.0.6 installed, other options in drop down include 1.0.5 to 1.0.1.

The “Additional Boards Manager URLs” option can be set under File -> Preferences towards the bottom.

The “Additional Boards Manager URLs” option can be set under File -> Preferences towards the bottom.

So is that in addition to, or a replacement for what’s already there (per prior instructions):

If in addition to, what separator is used between URLs?

Also, this would not seem to affect the Ringo by CircuitMess Library, of which only up to 1.0.5 is being offered. Where is 1.0.6 coming from?

My Arduino version is 1.8.10, slightly lower than yours. I can’t imagine that has anything to do with this though.

You should replace what you currently have with the URL I mentioned:

It appears that CircuitMess migrated where they host the Arduino packages from the MAKERphone repo to the CircuitMess-Ringo-Arduino-packages repo. The old link only goes up to 1.0.4 for the boards, but the new one goes up to 1.0.6 which was released approximately 2 months ago according to the git history.

However, the library and firmware versions still appear to be at 1.0.5 as the latest . I’m not sure of the reason behind this, or if there is a plan to sync all version numbers to 1.0.6 (or greater) in the near future. Someone else may be able to chime in with additional details.

Hey guys,

Let’s clear all the confusion now!

These three versions are all pretty different.
Firmware version is the software one that runs on the phone.
Board version is the one that features bootloader data and additional files, so that one is aligned to be the same as the firmware version.
The Library version is just the version of the library packages being used. Since these are not changed very often, as a matter of fact almost never, these versions do not follow the other two ones. In order to remove the confusion we’ve skipped a few versions of that one and upgraded it to 1.0.5., but in the meantime, a new version of firmware came out, and there is no need to update the libraries.
And yes - replace the link with this one (, old one won’t get you far.

Hope this clears everything - don’t worry too much about the versions and just download the latest one, that’s about it. :slight_smile:


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Ah…clarity! :smirk:


Yes, apparently updating that URL was the charm. I was now able to select 1.0.6 for the board and 1.0.5 for the library. Having done that, Burn Bootloader now installs firmware 1.0.5. Now I can download 1.0.5 from the Github and add back in a couple minor customizations (set time to 12 hour with colored shadow as PM indicator; show date in USA form MM/DD/YYYY) to make my special 99.0.5 version.

Send us a picture or two of how all these modifications look?


Sure, but I’ll post a pic tomorrow. Today is coincidentally 7/7/2020 no matter whether you’re in EU or USA :slight_smile:

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My modified 1.0.5 Ringo at 9:15AM today (July 8th 2020):

Same modified Ringo at 3:17PM today (July 8th 2020):

So PM is indicated by a magenta shadow, and the month and day are reversed (from the EU standard) in the date.


Very sweet idea with the clock! :smiley: