VoIP and Broadband HAMNet

Hi, I am very excited to have through my Ringo open-source access to cellular telephone and Wifi broadcasting frequencies! I am looking forward to programming applications to collect cell tower information and investigate creating a Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) application for the Ringo.

Are you aware of Broadband HAMNet?
It is a Mesh-Wifi network creating by tuning an old Wifi Router to a HAM Radio frequency,
outside of the normal 802.11 frequency band. It is done by flashing the firmware of the

Do you think that it is possible to tune the Wifi radio in the Ringo to a Broadband HAMNet frequency for VoIP? In that case, then the Ringo would be a portable HAM radio set!

Does Circuitmess (or a Makerbuino/Ringo User’s Group) participate in Chaos Computer Camp in Germany? I think that Broadband HAMNet would be a great application for CCC!

Hey @Stewart.Dickson, thank you for supporting our work

I know about HAMNet, but I’ve never had the time or interest to try porting anything HAMNet-related to MAKERphone.
I’ve found this thread from some quick googling:

If you manage to create anything cool with your MAKERphone, I’d love to see it!

I never went to CCC, but I’d love to do it one day.