What do the colors of the charging circuit mean?


can anyone tell me what the different LEDs of the charging circuit mean?

When I first plug in the charging cable, I get a red light, after about three minutes, it turns blue.

But when I turn on the Makerbuino, the game will run for about three seconds, then change to a screen telling me that the battery is low.

hey man,

Congrats on a successful build!

The red one means “charging”, the blue one means “charged”.

The “low battery” message is a glitch and in order to fix it, you have to go through the checkup wizard - you need to go the the SD card loader and choose the “SETTINGS” app, then navigate to the “Checkup wizard” and go through it.

The checkup wizard sets some basic configs in the EEPROM and the games will misbehave without these settings.
We really have to fix this in the next software update.

Hope this helps!

additional question, similar to this one.
Was charging Mbuino after awhile, and nothing happens.
Blue light is on, but screen does not power on.
I’ve tried hard reset, to no avail. The Mbuino was working fine before the holidays :slight_smile:
I’ve noticed small red light flashes above the blue one on charging board.
Any ideas?

Hi @crt_01

A flashing red LED with the blue LED probably means the battery is not connected. I had the flashing red LED above the blue one today when I disconnected the battery and then plugged in the charger.

@crt_01, @twister1398’s right!
This means that your battery is not connected. Please, check the connection on the JST connector and the charging board.