Wheelson 3D printed cargo container

After the success with the remote function I wanted to give back to the community. So I designed a cargo container for the Wheelson kit that is large enough to carry a 12oz soda can. (or anything else you want to carry that fits) As the robot has 4 motors. I figured it had enough power to carry some weight. It is able to carry a lot with ease.

A added benefit is it slows down the robot/chassis overall which is a big help when it comes to control and vision that runs on “edge computing”.

Hope you print it and enjoy!


Hi @DocDoc,

thank you so much for sharing this with us! :slight_smile:

It looks really great! :slight_smile:

Can we share it on our social media? You can send me your social media account names to tag you in the post.

Monika from Circuitmess

Ya, you can post it no worries, Not super big on social media below are my account names