Wheelson connect

Hi guys
I am trying to connect ByteBoi to Wheelson and I fail :wink:

Can you post a detailed howto for dummies?
(resp. does it expect new firmware on wheelson, that is not ready yet? e.g. I doubt wheelson by default has bluetooth and you can pair, resp. I don’t see anywhere in wheelson how to setup wifi)


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Hi @tarzanek,

thank you for reaching out! :slight_smile:

Our programmers are working on a firmware update. It should be published today or tomorrow, and then you will be able to connect Wheelson to ByteBoi.

Also, I’m working on a guide where we’ll explain everything about using ByteBoi and how to connect it to your Wheelson.

Monika from CircuitMess

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Thank you
I see it now: Releases · CircuitMess/Wheelson-Firmware · GitHub
will test it :slight_smile:

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@tarzanek I needed to re-flash both Byteboi and Wheelson to get them to direct connect. Hopefully that is helpful to you.

I tested yesterday the bluetooth and it mostly works,
I used stock ByteBoi, so will check if there is new firmware for it too … GitHub - CircuitMess/ByteBoi-Firmware says 1.0.0 , stock version seems the same, but I will try

Do you also see on Wheelson the remote icon loading only few pixel lines from top (bug?)?

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Also did someone test wifi?

fwiw the broken icons got fixed with the CircuitBlocks upgrade and reflash
so good job guys, direct connection works when you start from scratch (reconnect doesn’t though, so there seems to be some small bugs you can live with)
if anyone will test wifi, let us know :slight_smile:

cheers and thanks for great work, keep it up guys! (my kids have fun so far, eagerly waiting for Ringo and Spencer and Chatter (aaand Batmobile) now :slight_smile: )