Wheelson Wheels

Hey community … has anyone built their Wheelson and are having problems with the wheels falling off? Mine fall off at the slightest touch and come straight off when I drive it. I am going to try putting a little glue inside the hole in the wheels, but I wondered whether anyone has this problem and has any tips for resolving the issue.

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yes, i’m having the same issue. was also considering putting a dab of hot glue to keep them on.

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Same. Mine also fall off but I think I will just put some glue and be dome with it.

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Hey everyone, we recently added a part to our build guide where you can see how to properly attach the wheels so they don’t fall off. You can check it out right here.

That didn’t work, I’d obviously tried to push them in as far as they go - no matter what, when turning the rear wheels fall off. It’s not that big a deal, I can easily glue them on but I was more wondering whether anyone had tried it and had any lessons

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Hey there, I’m sorry this didn’t work. In that case, I would kindly ask you to use glue to put the wheels on. Thank you!

Dora from the CM

Just got around to building my Wheelson today. Looks great, but yeah, all four wheels pop off any time I try and make it turn. I’ll fire up the hot glue gun and secure them that way, hopefully.

I like the simple programming interface, by the way. It’s very simple, obviously, but it’s a nice feature to show my kids.