When receiving calls, Ringo restarts

Hi there! My Ringo recently started to shut off and start again when someone would call me. I don’t know how to fix this and my SD card is completely fine. Any suggestions?

Does it do this when it’s getting power via the USB cord, or only when its running on battery?

That did not happen before?
Did you change anything in the meantime (firmware version or something?)


I was thinking that if the battery was reaching its end-of-life, it would not hold a charge for long and when a call came in (ramping up the power in the SIM and the amplifier driving the speaker to play the ringtone loudly), and thus causing the battery voltage to dip below the threshold to keep the phone up and running. If it doesn’t do this when plugged in, that would be a BIG clue that it is related to the wellness of the battery.

Even if a computer thinks the card is fine, there could still be minor corruption on the SD card that Ringo just isn’t tolerating well. Perhaps you should reformat the card and put the original files back on it to be certain, which you can download from here:

I don’t know. I’ll check.

No, I did not change anything.

I’ll try that. Thank you.

Reformating worked! Thank you! :grin:



Enjoy your phone. :slight_smile:


Always glad to help! Have fun and don’t hesitate to post again if you have any questions. :smiley: