Who might be interested in a turn-based RPG?

I have been working on a jrpg-style rpg in my free time, and I was curious whether anyone was interested in playing a game like that on their makerbuino. There are other prototypes/works in progress for more Zelda-like action rpgs, but I was wondering if anyone would want to play something with turn based battles.

The graphics are sort of inspired by The Final Fantasy Legend for Gameboy, although not as nice since I’m not an artist. I posted this very early prototype on the gamebuino forums a while back. I’m trying to provide some variety and tactical choices in the battle system to add some depth.

The world and battle system are basically done, but I still would need to finish a lot of features and add a lot of polish before the game would feel complete. Since there’s still a lot of work before the game can be done, I wanted to gauge interest to find out if there would even be an audience for such a game. I don’t want to make a game that nobody wants to play.

I also posted this in the Gamebuino forums.


Hi guys

Finally decided to check you guys out over here.

Would totally love to see more of your project. Im working on a Dune RPG and im stuck at the battle part. I can draw the battle at random and i have created a short lil menu that can be scrolled through but i dont know yet how to do damage stuff back and fourth or how to save the curent heath after each turn.

I can also help you out with characters and such and graphics.

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i have not alot time atm but i’m vey interested by this games as they are the first of this sort of games atm. They could be very fun to play (i hope as you do :wink: ) If i can help in any step of your creation, i’ll do but im a beginner too so not sure i’ll be able.

Duhjocker, i follow the story of Dune on Gamebuino forum but i have probably miss the repesitory to test Dune, can you post-it ?

I promised Albert i would only be using this site for c++ questions meaning i cant link you to or advertise my graphic libraries but you can have a look at the games


No problem, i have see all the informations on your last posts on gamebuino forum but i have not yet already registred in my spirit… esb32, library, etc but it seems very interesting. I understand taht you use colors to make gray or for a modification of the gamebuino (the color gamebuino)… Yes i have to read it better… sorry but i’ll do i try to understand because it seems great (tranparency asw…). To play with dune have we to make modifications to our makebuino ?

im not really supposed to be talking about my projects software kit but i can answer some questions.

The system is completely DIY meaning lots of soldering to make a button pad and soldeing leads to the tft and mcu.

As of right now there are no mods that i know of to make your gamebuino color sorry.

My system does handle up to 8bpp color so full color gaming. But you dont have to ise color. You can save space by using 4 shades of grey. The mcu can be pretty much anything but utilizes teensy3x or esp32.

For more info please contact me at the Gamebuino site.

Perhaps these comments would have been better served by a separate thread…

Anyway, I’ll be happy to share how I did the battle system. I’m not quite ready to release the source yet, because it’s still a bit messy and the implementation is in some ways tied to the specific game (certain character abilities, inventory items, etc.). I think the concepts would probably be more useful than the code while it’s still in progress.

I’m travelling at the moment, so I don’t have much time, but I may post a followup soon about how I implemented the battle system.

I also welcome the offers to help, but first I want to get a version 1.0 (or perhaps 0.9) done that reflects my ideas about what I’m imagining for the game. Once I release it I welcome suggestions and improvements.

I am a newbie in this field. Will you tell me which graphic library that you use in C++ can be accepted in makebuino console?

I plan to implant my previous 2d games in this console but for the sake of compatible issue, various modifications might need in consideration.

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Do you want to modify your games to work on your makerbuino, with its black-and-white screen, or are you trying to add a color screen? If you just want to make your games work on the Makerbuino, then you can just use the Gamebuino/Makerbuino library. The reference documentation for the library can be found here. The library supports drawing lines, circles, and bitmaps.

@Duhjoker, I know that @Yeeson_Yu asked you, but I wish you would advertise your libraries in a different thread.

It’s will change soon when META will be out for color library but the hardware of the console will not been same even code will be easy to transform form classic makebuino to meta

Fixed it. Sorry didnt mean to advertise. I should have sent him a PM.

Admin:::feel free to kill this thread. Im trying to stick to learning C++ here on the site.