[WIP] BuinoControl

Hey Folks!
I just wanted to share my first MAKERbuino project I’m currently working on. It’s called BuinoControl.
Maybe I’ll change the name, maybe not :smiley:

What is BuinoControl?
BuinoControl isn’t a game - it’s an “App”. It consists of two Apps to be exact:
At first there is a MAKERBuino App and then there is an Application for Windows-PCs written in C#.

What does BuinoControl do?
The Windows-Appication uses the OpenHardwareMonitor-library to read the sensors of the PC. It then converts the sensor values into bytes and sends them to the MAKERbuino via RS232-to-USB-Converter. The MAKERbuino then visualizes the received data. You can use a menu to select the different hardware-components. You can get the data from CPU, RAM and (Ati/AMD)GPU sensors at the moment.

I’m using the PCF8574 remote I/O expander board that came with the inventor’s kit to drive a couple of LEDs indicating the load of the currently selected hardware. :smiley: Thanks for coming up with that idea, @albertgajsak :grin:

All of this is at an early stage of development. There are a couple of other things i want to realize but I’m still focused on the foundation of the software. I thought about releasing the sourcecode in the near future, anyone interested? Of course I want to clean it up and comment both sourcecodes before releasing it.

Of course you want some, don’t you? :smiley:




Good project and nice article :wink:

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That’s a funny project. It reminds me Logitech gaming keyboards. I don’t know if they have an API or something. But I believe there are interesting things to display from applications.

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Yeah the G15 came too my mind too!
But it’s not as cool as using a MAKERbuino :grin:

I’m releasing the sourcecode in the near future, so feel free to use and alter it. :wink:
And if you made something just show it, i’ll be curious!

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Any news on releasing the software? :blush:

@Lisamith the MAKERbuino code is nearly finished and fully commented in its current state :slight_smile:
It needs some adaptions though. The C# code isn’t commented at all at the moment. I had to put the project aside because I’m currently working on a couple of guides for the MAKERbuino homepage.
But I want to continue this project asap :slight_smile:

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Hi can you tell me if the makerbruino code is in the program or is there another piece to it i’m a video editor and run my own YouTube channel and it will be very useful if this will work when i’m editing



Hi there! :slightly_smiling_face:

There is no MAKERbuino code at the github page you’ve mentioned. I wrote it myself - the github page doesn’t belong to me.

The openhardwaremonitor is just a simple library to access the sensors of your PC-hardware. It allows you to read temperatures, memory usage etc. But you’ll need to include it in a C# program.

You’ll then be able to send the values to your MAKERbuino via RS232-to-USB-converter.

Ok then, where can I get the c# code for the Makerbuino because I would like to use it. If you have got it can you put a link to it somewhere because I’m not very good in c# ardunino language.:grin::sunglasses:

Sorry @Mitsuperboy, I think you misunderstood something :sweat_smile:
The MAKERbuino code is written in C, like other arduino programs. I used C# for my Windows application that’s using the openhardwaremonitor library to read out the sensors of my pc. The Windows application then sends the values to my MAKERbuino via RS232-to-USB-converter.

I’m currently working on this project, but there is no download available at the moment :confused:

Oh thank you for making it clear​:ok_hand::+1::sob: