[WIP][UPD1] 3D Monster Maze based game

As per title, I’m working on a 3D Monster Maze for the Gamebuino
A sneak peek of the game so far:


Fell free to taste the sauce on my github

UPDATE 1: added the Rex (for now it doesn’t try to eat the player)


Super, nice start. I hope you’ll add the fighting system soon and infos of the player stats. This part will be more easy. You have done one of the more difficult part. Good job :wink:


Thanks! As of now I’m going to do a replica of the original 3D Monster Maze for the Sinclair ZX81, where you have to escape from the maze without being eat by Rex
But yours a valid suggestion, if I have time this game can be much more :sunglasses:

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OK, i didn’t remember this game but yes in this case, it’s logical to have no fight system.
This game motor could be used to do a first person Pac Man too easily. (Just a mod of your game, with pacgomme and super pacgomme to eat ghosts)


And that’s another nice idea

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@0x1001, wow, this is just amazing, well done!

You’ve just earned a couple of shiny virtual badges :slight_smile:

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I remember typing a game like this in on my old Sinclair ZX81. It took me days to type in the program, saving my progress each night to an Audio Cassette Tape. How far Technology has come since then!

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Glad to see someone who played the original game
Sadly I had to stop developing for now, I’ll come back this summer :wink:

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Black Mirror :slight_smile:
I always wondered how they did the 3D rendering on Commodore 64