Working my nibble

I wanted to know how nibble works like wifi connectivity and getting games or do I have to code all games I want.

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The Nibble is new, so there are not too many examples out there yet. I’ve got mine connecting to my home wifi via some code I’ve written, but I haven’t yet done much more than that as I’ve been busy with my day job. It’s a fun and exciting device, and I’m hoping that CircuitMess will be able to share more about how to add games to the existing code, or what the plans are for building replacement loaders.

How do you like yours?

I dont know its full functions yet and its pretty complex for a starter, also with ir being so new there arent a lot of stuff out there to help you

Hi @Freeze
We are currently working on publishing more games and other creations for Nibble.
In the meantime, you can check out the guide for CircuitBlocks - our graphical code editor that makes programming easy to understand even for beginners.
Please stay tuned for more Nibble creations!
-Marija from CM

It is pretty good but how does connecging it to wifi help and hoebdoes 1 do that

WiFi connectivity is currently not implemented in the firmware for Nibble. We might add this support in the later updates. Thank you


“Not implemented in the firmware”… but it could be? This is exciting :slight_smile:

Maybe we can make some online games?
That would be interesting, or at least being able to share game scores.

Yeah it’s definitely possible. If you are keen to start experimenting with it, please show me once you have something running :slight_smile:

I plan to put more focus on developing games and firmware for nibble in Q2 2021. We were quite swamped with Spencer’s and Jay-D’s development, but we’re getting a hang of it now and have employed several new coders that will help us make this happen

Hey guys!

The nibble runs on the ESP8266 microprocessor, which has an embedded WiFi controller, so the Nibble is definitely capable of connecting to your WiFi network. However, we currently don’t have any games in our development pipeline which would use the WiFi capabilities.

Don’t let that discourage you from using WiFi in your own sketches though. You can check out any of the WiFi tutorials for ESP8266 online, just make sure you’re compiling for the Nibble in Arduino IDE (If you’re using CircuitBlocks, you don’t have to worry about this).