6 pin female connector [SOLVED]

I received my MAKERbuino today, and before I started, I checked if all the parts were in the box. I couldn’t find the 6 pin female connector, but I found 6 coloured wires. Is the 6 pin connector replaced by the wires, or is a part not included?

Hi, don’t think, that it’s replaced by the wires :-). If it’s not inside your box it is missing. Just write an email to Albert.

But for the assembling I think it is not realy neccessary, exept you want to experiment around with the external ports. So you can solder your Makerbuino together without it and the add it when you receive the spare.

@THeerze, did you send us an email about this issue? Did you receive the missing 6 pin connector?

I did send you a message via Slack, and there you said you’ll send it as soon as possible, but I didn’t receive anything.

@THeerze, yes, I can see that something went wrong and we never sent that 6-pin connector. That happened due to either me not even writing down your request or the guys at the warehouse making a mistake.
Anyways, I apologize for this mistake and am sorry for keeping you waiting. I’ve just arranged the shipment of the missing connector and will include a free pack of button caps (worth 4€ in the webshop) as a we’re-sorry-gift.

Please ping me if you don’t receive a tracking number by the end of this Friday.

@THeerze, we’ve shipped the missing component and the button cap pack. I’ve updated you with a tracking number via PM.
Thank you for your patience.