A strange problem with notification area

No have any message but in the main screen appear a notification with a message which don’t exists.

I try to flash the mobile with esptool and new firmware and nothing change.


You should format your SD card, that will fix the problem!

It seems that a file on the SD card got corrupted and now it always shows a notification even though it shouldn’t.

After formatting the SD card, download the files from here and put them on the card.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me. :slight_smile:


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yes, I’m very stupid. I think in the most dificult and not the easier. Thanks

I have that same problem from time to time. It happened today with the latest fw ; I was able to read the message on the screen as it arrived, although there were unprintable characters (accented letters which appeared as stars), and when checking in message app, there was nothing there.

Both the notifications and the messages are stored on the SD card in .json files. Those types of files in this environment can sometimes get corrupted and cause these weird things to happen.

If this happens often, it would be the best to maybe change the SD card - they are very cheap and you don’t need a big one. That way these issues should be minimised. Of course, formatting the card is another way of doing it. :smiley: