Anarch (Doom-like FPS)


This is a Nibble port of my portable raycasting shooter Anarch which by now is also ported to Ringo. This game is completely public domain free software under CC0, you can do absolutely anything with it without any conditions.

I just got Nibble today and it worked pretty great so It was very simple to port this, I only had to write a < 150 LOC frontend. I have brightened the palette up a bit because it looked kinda dark on the Nibble display – you can change this with a define in the source (you can change basically anything, feel free to search the code). FPS is set to 35.

As ESP8266 doesn’t have a proper EEPROM but only flash-emulated one (AFAIK), the game save files would cause collisions with other games’ saves, so this is a version that has all levels playable from the start.

Sounds are in the traditional form of beeps – if someone knows of a way to play waveforms from RAM, this can be improved to play proper sounds and music as the game includes its own 8-bit samples.

Here are the links:

(more info on compiling and uploading can be found in Nibble Sokoban thread)


  • arrows: move
  • A: shoot
  • B: hold for strafing
  • C +:
    • A/B/left/right: switch weapons
    • up: jump
    • down: menu

Enjoy and thanks to CM for this nice piece of hardware!


This is very cool. I can’t wait to try it out :grinning:

This is rad! Looks great.

This is great! I need a little magnifier sheet to go over the Nibble screen, I think! :slight_smile:

FWIW, on Linux (Raspberry Pi), I flashed it using this command - mentioning this since the Sokoban info only covers Windows. --port /dev/ttyUSB0 write_flash 0x0 Anarch_nibble_1-02.bin


Very nice, we need more of this stuff.

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Hey there @drummyfish thank you so much for sharing this! We’ll also post this on our social networks! Thanks again, it’s so cool!

Dora from CM

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1 question? How. That’s incredible! wish I could make something like that.