Sokoban clone for Nibble

Hi everyone.
I made a clone of the Sokoban game for the Nibble console.

Source code and compiled binary can be downloaded in this GitHub repository.

There you can also find instructions on how to transfer the game on your console.

I also made a YouTube video to showcase the game.
Video is in Croatian but I added English subtitles.


Hey there @sinkews, thank you for sharing this on our forum! This is super cool. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Dora from CM

Hey, can you explain how you converted images into the arrays in sprites.h file?

Sure :smiley: I used online image converter image2cpp.

Thanks for the help :smile: I’m trying to make my own game for the nibble and your project has helped me a lot :grinning:


No problem. I’m glad you found it useful.
I tried to comment the code and assemble it in a way to be as straightforward as possible.

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thanks for making this game and showing how to install it on the nibble! really cool.

now that the game has been flashed on to the nibble, as the device is turned on, it goes straight to the sokoban game.
is there a way to add it as one of the games from the list when powering on the device.? my kids still want to have the option to play other games and i dont want to reflash/recompile code every time…


Hi @nibbledad. I’m glad you like the game :slight_smile:

Unfortunately as it stands right now device and firmware is not really designed to be able to do so.

I suppose you could manually edit the firmware and add the game as the firmware is open source…

I believe someone asked this question already and the folks at CircuitMess replied that they are working on it.

I hope someone from the official support will reply to give you more info :wink:

Yea thanks for your reply.
I was thinking of editing the nibble source code to have this extra game as another startup option…
I can definitely take a look at that.

In the meantime,
I will need to reload the original code back on to the nibble that we used for this experiment so they can have their other games back.
Can that be done with the Arduino IDE in the same manner as we did for sokoban?
(I will download source code from Curcuitmess official GitHub link)

Yes, that’s doable. Check out this topic: