Physics based ball game for nibble

I made physics based game for nibble.
Game goal is to touch yellow block. There are 5 levels to compete, you can time yourself with in game timer, and there is a tab that shows your current times on levels.

I made this game to learn arduino and have some fun with coding nibble. I will not update it, but you have all right to use it in your project if you want, and if you are persistent enough to figure out what this bowl of spaghetti does.

You can find Git repository here.
More info on compiling and uploading can be found here.

Enjoy and have fun. :smiley:


Game was tested on nibble rev2 so it might not be performant on other nibbles. Idk.


This is amazing, @Dario!

Thank you so much for sharing with us!

Have a good day,

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Hi. Unfortunately your link is not working… Maybe your repository is not public?

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Thank you for pointing that out I would never notice. Try now!

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Nice game, thank you for making it. I captured a couple of screens from the game.
Feel free to use the images if you want to showcase the game :grinning:

Edit: I just noticed the ball is skewed in the first screenshot :rofl:
That’s because screenshot code doesn’t pause the execution of the game and image is transferred line by line while ball is moving. My bad :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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How did you transfer the image data to the computer.

Check out my Sokoban repo, there you have a code that you can just attach to the projects and a python script that grabs the screenshot while the program is running.