Armstrong building instructions

Hello, we received the Armstrong box but cannot find anywhere the building instructions. Can you help us with this? Thanks

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Hey Igor,

thank you for reaching out.

The Armstrong Build guide will be available in the next few days and you’ll be able to find it here:

Thank you for your patience,

Will there be a PDF build guide, or just the video? Thanks.

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Hey @dflax,

thank you for your question.

We’ll only have a video guide for Armstrong.

Let me know if you have any questions,

I’d just point out that many of us patents buy your kits to get our kids away from screens - only having youtube assembly videos kinda defeats the point.


Sorry to hear this.

We tried the video format because many customers requested it because they found it easier to follow than the textual guide.

Hi there, my son received the Armstrong recently. We are progressing through the build but have had an issue when we connect the motors. We followed tv instruction to ensure they are set in the right position. When we connect to power they didn’t moved to any “correct positions”, all solders look ok. I’m snot sure if we proceed if it will work or not? Also one motor cannot be moved to correct position by turning clockwise. It just keeps spinning when turned.
Any assistance would be great. Thank you

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Hey Kent,

please send us a few photos of all of the soldering joints to, so we can assist you.

Thank you in advance,

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