Armstrong guide feedback

Feedback concerns the Led lights positive/ negative side.

In the guide it explains that this is to be seen by the length of the legs of the LED. However the less in the package had equal length. Could be useful to explain alternative ways.

Hey Dimitra,

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The LEDs should not have legs of equal length.

Do you have a picture of your LEDs?

All red leds did have equal legs.
I do not have pic. Already soldered on the board and cut.
I needed to Google to find alternative ways to find polarity. Thought would be useful for you to know for your guide.

Hm, that should not be possible, but I’ll check with our quality assurance department to see if there might be an issue with the LEDs we were getting from the factory.

Thanks for the feedback and support.

Let me know if there’s anything else we can help you with

Sent you a picture on contact@ email