Blank Screen, back light on after replacing USB connector

Dear CircuitMess,

I seem to have a very similar problem to what has been discussed here. The USB connector broke off from the LiPo charging unit after a couple of hours use (seems to have had a cold joint) and I decided to try and fix it. I managed to solder it back on, and the battery can now be successfully charged, however now I’m getting the blank screen issue as described. I can hear the sound, and after a couple of attempts at resetting it (holding button C) I was able to get to the game loader screen, but then it went blank again as soon as I tried to load a game.
Now the device intermittently works after taking it apart and putting it back again.
Could you please help check for any bad connections? Any help is highly appreciated.

Hey @viktor, thank you for supporting our work!

I am sorry for the problems that you’re experiencing, but I’ll help you make it work.

Please, can you try resoldering the pins on your LCD display connector and see if that helps? One of the pins there might be bridged according to the photos you’ve attached

Dear Albert,
In the end I just moved the display connector a bit and the issue hasn’t occurred since then.
I will resolder if it happens again.
Thanks for your help - awesome support!

I am really glad to hear that! :slight_smile:

If you need anything else, feel free to contact me here!