Blank Screen, back light on [SOLVED]


I have had to replace the blue charging point component due to damage. I removed the broken component and replaced the part last night. The unit powers on, but the screen is blank. I have tried holding down the C button (top most button on the left), with the SD card in, then switching back on, and let go for the C button after 3-10 seconds. No joy, I still just have a blank screen (back light is on).

Any help is much appreciated.



Hello, any reply please???

Dear @Jrees006, we’ve seen your email and will answer there directly.

I’ll mark this topic as solved.

Also, you do not have to spam the forum, it’s Saturday and we cannot answer all requests immediately.
Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Dear CircuitMess,

I seem to have a very similar problem to what has been discussed here. The USB connector broke off from the LiPo charging unit after a couple of hours use (seems to have had a cold joint) and I decided to try and fix it. I managed to solder it back on, and the battery can now be successfully charged, however now I’m getting the blank screen issue as described. I can hear the sound, and after a couple of attempts at resetting it (holding button C) I was able to get to the game loader screen, but then it went blank again as soon as I tried to load a game. I can still hear the starting jingle though.
Can it be that I overheated something when I was soldering the usb connector? I checked for shorts and the battery works fine. Any help is highly appreciated. I bought the unit from UK retailer (now defunct)

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Hey Viktor,

Thank you for supporting MAKERbuino and I am sorry for the problems that you’re experiencing.

Can you please create a new topic and post some photos of your MAKERbuino’s front and back side so that we can examine your soldering joints?

Thanks and don’t worry, we’ll help you make your MAKERbjuino work! :slight_smile: