Broken 3.3V voltage regulator & 2n2222 transistor [SOLVED]

Hi! Everyone my son solder wrong the Step 8 – 3.3V voltage regulator & 2n2222 transístor try alone remove and broken the two? Can i bought this two?

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Yes, we can send you a replacement for free but you’ll have to help us out with the shipping cost.

I’ll DM you.


For free!!!
The team don t know my country and ask me for 8 euros two pieces ! So i pay for that …

Dear @humildadever,
I am not “a team”, my name is Albert and I’ve sent you a DM and I’d appreciate a direct response without such comments in a public topic.

We do not know your country but we do know that you’re not from Croatia and national posts in almost every country have a flat rate costs for sending small packages to all international addresses.

If you think that 8€ for an international package is too much, please try looking into your national post’s tracked package service pricing table.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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Yes, or try to find these current transistor in the neariest electronic seller near you as they pay transport for big quantity of components and prices could be very low (cheapiest than if Albert send you this package from Croatia. He don’t make you paid the pieces (the price is ridiculus low when you buy some quantity) but the transport as the post don’t make prices as soon as you send a little packet. Another solution is to send it in a letter but you can’t be sure to get it in a good state when you’ll receive so local electronic seller can be a solution (or big electonic seller as they can make transport free if you buy enough in your command (often they make this little effort to avoid little commands and incite you to buy more)).
Else Portugal is at south-west from Spain. Cool country to visit (Croatia too else).

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Sorry for my post!
Thanks for solutions

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