Buttons out of Alignment with Face [SOLVED]

We just finished our buino, and its working great with one exception. The buttons, especially the down button are out of alignment with the front face. When the face is attached, the down button is held down. The button guide pins are aligned in the PCB and the button itself is otherwise flush with the PCB. It works fine when the face is not attached.

I figure I could dremel the down button hole a little bit, or trim off some of the button to provide more clearance, but I wanted to see if anyone had a better suggestion. Iโ€™m a little concerned that I might damage the face trying to route out the button holes.

Also, if I remove the mounting bolts of the front face, the buttons will align and work, but once I attach the face with the mounts, I run into problems.



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This sounds like a problem that can easily be fixed by resoldering the buttons that are tilted.

You will be able to mount the faceplate perfectly after that.

Dremeling the plate can also work if youโ€™re not that handy with a soldering iron.

Keep us posted!

I found that the sharp bits on the faceplace between the two buttons had a little burr on them which I removed with a craft knife. This resolved the issue with the buttons not fitting - on mine, the left button stuck down quite badly. The repair cannot be seen.

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