Byteboy and nibble

What’s the difference between byteboy and Nibble?

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Hi @tefoster,

thank you for your question! :slight_smile:

ByteBoi is somewhat of a Nibble’s bigger brother. It sports a faster CPU, more memory, and a bigger screen. Nibble was designed as an entry-level kit that presents you with all the tools necessary as your first step in the world of electronics. ByteBoi is a more advanced device intended for a bit more advanced users.

Also, if you have Wheelson, you can control it with ByteBoi! :slight_smile:


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I think both are not directly available to purchase, just ByteBoi is as part of the boxes?
(Was regretful to learn about ByteBoi soon after getting the Nibble :P)

Wheelson is not available right now, we might put it back in the shop in a month.

ByteBoi can be purchased as a part of the STEM Box subscription:

If you just want the byteboi, buy a single box subscription and cancel the subscription after making the purchase.

Thank you

Same thing i ordered nibble reacently and right after I learned about byte boi but its ok i like nibble more now :wink:.

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