Can't seam to find a guide for adding new apps

why is that not in guides

Hey, thank you for supporting our work and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

What CircuitMess device do you have?

I have a ringo, arduino might be easy, but python

Hey, you can find a list of Ringo-related tutorials here:

In order to add more apps and games to your Ringo, you need to drag and drop the folder with the app data to your SD card.

We will write a step by step tutorial for this in the future

that would be helpfull

eyy if you are making a new apps I want to see them. Thanks for the work. I’m excited

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sure, I’m making a simple ebook reader in python right now

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def printfile():
message =
x=input("next ")
if x==“close”:
while gh==1:
ctlg=input("what book would you like to read from the catalog ")
f = open(ctlg,‘r’)
#put apropriat indents

you put text documents in the folder. you then input the file name. the version I’ll put for download will have a lot of old books including but not limited to sherlock holmes and the wizard of oz

perfect. Open source? and thanks

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i put the source code up above

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once I add the books for the final version, I’ll put it in git hub for download

how would I convert a python code to binary

did you figure out how to put it on the ringo?