Changing the slpash screen on Makerbuino

Does anyone know, how to change the SD Card splash screen to my own. :thinking::grinning:

Hey @Mitsuperboy, thank you for supporting MAKERbuino and welcome to the forum.

If you want to change the splash screen, you’ll have to edit the bitmap in LOADER.HEX’s source code and compile the custom version of the program. After that, you’ll have to replace the old LOADER.HEX found on your SD card with your new custom made file.

LOADER.HEX’s source files can be found in the examples section of the Gamebuino library. You can also check it out on GitHub here:

Hi @albertgajsak is there a tutorial for of how to make a bitmap anamiton with this. I’m a bit stuck on page one.

@Mitsuperboy how to make a bitmap animation with what?