CircuitBlocks on MS Store

Hi, I was wondering if there is any hope of having CircuitBlocks published on the MS Store.
Background is - my kids (5 & 8) have their first Windows 10 S laptop.
As you may know Windows 10 S can only install apps that are on the MS store.
Originally I was planning to wipe it off, but I partially fell in love with the slight increase of peace of mind that they cannot randomly download any exe, and the massive boot up speed.

We’ve gotten Arudino installed, local Scratch 3, and almost all of the proprietary coding software (that is similar to CircuitBlocks).
So currently, this is a major barrier to investing more into these cool gadgets (Nibble is the one we bought so far).

Hi @NDR008,

thank you for your suggestion!

That’s on our to-do list, but unfortunately, it’s too soon to tell you when it’ll be available on the MS store.


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Glad it is on your rather.
One year ago, I would have never thought about searching on the MS Store (except for a quick Ubuntu install for WSL).
But I see this more and more becoming a thing with future cyber-security concerns.