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Hi there, @albertgajsak
Just a quick question. I just finished my “Spencer” today and I was so happy to see him all done. But when I plugged him in to my computer, first he wouldn’t connect to my WiFi and then it said that new sketches for Spencer were ‘coming soon’. When is soon? And does that have something to do with the not being able to connect?
And before anyone says anything: yes, I checked the SSID and the password at least 10 times, and I always had the privacy policy box ticked. Restoring firmware was not possible either. Is this just me? Help please!
All the best

Hi Amanda,

I assembled mine some hours ago, but mine connects without problems. In order to rule out causes for this, can you share more info about your WiFi connection? For example, is the WiFi connection 2.4GHz or 5GHz? Spencer probably cannot connect to the latter. The network security is something modern like WPA3? Mine is WPA2 with AES cipher, on a 2.4GHz network.

About the other half of your message, I join the question about the Spencer programming through CircuitBlocks. I’d love to be coding something for my Spencer right now :slight_smile:

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@Amanda please reach out to us via and we’ll help.
Like @ladbsoft said, please check that you are trying to connect to a 2.4ghz network.

@Amanda @ladbsoft CircuitBlocks Spencer coding support will be released within a week, please check my latest Kickstarter update for more info:

Thank you for your patience

Hello All,

I just finished the Spencer, great little board, but seems a bit tricky to build blocks as I always get an error. Would be great to have some examples that we can understand the basics of building blocks (I am not a developer of any sort::)), or even better full current code that we can edit and compile and run (or I can try downloading code from ESP32, seems a bit tricky).

Thanks in advance for a support!

Hi Igor,

Thank you for supporting our work.

I suppose you’re talking about CircuitBlocks.

We’re writing a CircuitBlocks coding tutorial for Spencer right now, it will most likely be published today. Please stay tuned for a new Kickstarter/Indiegogo update that I am about to publish.

Thank you

Hey Albert,

I’ve taken a look at the tutorial that you all have put together for coding Spencer. I would like to second Igor’s request for a code sample library or a way that we can import the blocks used to create the default voice commands. My daughter and I have some commands that we would like to change. One example is changing the Goodnight voice function so that it blanks the screen until the next time the button is pressed. Right now, Spencer is on her nightstand and the LEDs are still very bright on the low setting.

Thanks, William and Juliana


Thank you for supporting our work and welcome the forum.

Thank you for your feedback, I’ll take it into account when planning further software development for Spencer.

We were very pleased to get our Spencer up and running, but are having problems connecting to our Wifi. I’m using the 64 bit Windows software and am unable to type into the SSID and password fields. Can you suggest how to resolve this issue?

Many thanks,

Hey, thank you for supporting our work and I am sorry for the problems that you’re having.

Please, check if your spencer is connected to your computer to a working usb port. If you still cannot type in the said, go to Circuitblocks’ home screen and press the send error report button. Write down your error report ID.

Send us an email via and include your error report ID as well as any information you find relevant. Thank you

Thanks. I reconfigured our wifi settings so that we could use a 2.4 GHz connection (by allocating separate SSIDs to the 2.4 and 5GHz bands) and was able to enter the SSID information. I assume we’ve connected okay, but the settings are now blank when I go back into Spencer’s settings.

Spencer lights up and speaks but doesn’t respond to anything at the moment. Am I right to assume that the red LED should come on when we press the button? Ours doesn’t come on, so I guess that might be a soldering issue?

Please send photos of your Spencer’s circuit boards via email at We’ll help

Thanks Albert. We resoldered the button and we’re all good now.

I’m glad to hear that, thank you very much

Hey guys,
thanks for providing the spencer coding tutorial. It’s awesome to change this little dudes features.
One comment on the baby-steps tutorial. In the “Let’s play with variables” the step to “run” the code again after adding the button press logic is not included. This might confuse people if not aware that code changes always need to be uploaded again.

Keep up the good work!

Yep same for me its been almost 3 months no reply they did ship me a little bot . But that is it . … Same problem as you and now they haven’t been replying for 2 weeks … Guess that is 100 bucks lost …

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Hey @leo_imbault,

we apologize for the time you lost using and coding your device because of this issue.

Customer satisfaction is our no.1 priority, and our entire software team is currently working on resolving this problem. We will try to solve it over the weekend so we can contact you with the solution at the beginning of the next week.

Once again, we apologize for the delay in resolving this.

Thank you for your patience,