Current (v1.0.5) Ringo Issues and Observations

As promised, I have been compiling a list of issues and observations I’ve encountered. A few of which are being discussed in other threads (link will be provided). I wanted to collect them here to help determine if these issues are unique to me or if they are common bugs we should look to squash along the way.

If you are reading this, please take a moment to use the poll below to indicate which, if any, of these problems you are experiencing. Use the comments/replies for anything you’d like to add regarding the issues you are experiencing or noting any differences in your version of the kit from mine: USA Kit with SIM-7600A-H radio and a Ting SIM

  1. While Stopwatch continues to count up when in standby, the countdown timer stops when screen is off and resumes counting down once screen is on AND unlocked (doesn’t count unless foreground)

  2. When exiting Music player, audio gain is not returned to normal/earpiece levels until you enter Settings > Sound

  3. SMS Send never receives and/or acknowledges confirmation from 4G network that message has sent successfully…hangs on “Sending message…” until reboot or SMS Received (loses either sent or received SMS in this case)

  4. No calls can be sent (times out on “Calling…”) or received (VM)

  5. When returning from a game or other SD card app, Airplane mode needs toggled to get reconnected to the network (toggling from the app before return does not work)

1 & 2 appear to just be minor bugs in the related applets
3, 4, & 5 are being discussed in this thread: Ting not providing voice/text over 4G

I’ll likely add to this list as I encounter other things. Just wanted to put it all in one separate topic to track them.

EDIT: Added a poll so you can just vote (multiple choices allowed) to keep a tally, especially if you have no additional comments to add for a particular issue. This will keep the thread cleaner in the long term.

  • Countdown Timer pauses when not foreground
  • Music Player fails to reset Audio Gain
  • SMS Send loops on “Sending Message…”
  • No Calls can be Sent or Received
  • Network doesn’t reconnect automatically after return from app/game

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Thanks for the heads up!

These first three issues are known and will likely be fixed in one of the next updates.

The other two - it seems like you’re the only one that has them, since other people are reporting that everything works fine on T-Mobile, Ting networks.

Can I ask you to use Arduino IDE and try to revert your phone manually to previous version? Just download one of the older versions of the board files in the board manager and update by using bootloader. We’ve made some changes in the update 1.0.5 regarding network so I want to rule that out. From what I can tell it is likely to be a network module problem.

Keep in touch and thanks for the BIG update! :smiley:


I’ll try reverting to v1.0.4 and see if I get the same results. That said, what is the current timeline on [presumably] v1.0.6? I was going to fork the latest firmware to work on a couple things, but wouldn’t want to fork v1.0.5 if the next revision is due out soon-ish anyway.

Well, after having to manually work around an issue that randomly popped up in Arduino today (, I performed downgrades to v1.0.2 and v1.0.0 (the only two lower versions listed) and got the same results…but I think we can set aside the SMS and Call issues for the moment here, as they are being tackled from other angles in the other threads. You already know about the other 3 issues, so we’re good on the initial list for now.

I have identified a couple of other issues you may or may not be aware of:

  • LED Settings not being preserved when rebooting, returning from app/game
  • Emergency Dialer IS available from in-app lockscreen() and homePopup() but NOT from the loader() lockscreen

So far, I haven’t found anything else a miss. You guys have done a great job on even some of the smallest details! I have a few improvements in mind, but I’ll start a different thread for those. This thread was intended for reporting bugs and issues. :wink:

Okay, great, thanks for few more things you’ve noticed!

As we are currently working on some new projects, I cannot say that the update is going to come very soon, but it definitely will come at some point. There are still few things we are looking to improve in the firmware so I guess it’s all going to happen at once when we find a few days of empty space.

It’s college finals time of the year, and most of us are still students. Unfortunately, a day is only 24 hours long! :frowning:

Be patient, but if you want to do some fixes of your own, feel free, you’ll probably do them sooner than us. :slight_smile:


No problem! That’s precisely why I asked if there was currently a timeline. I certainly don’t mind working out a few patches such that they can easily be pulled from my repo to yours for the next official release, if they meet with your standards and approval…I just didn’t want to jump on any of these if you already had the fixes worked out.

Definitely want you focused on your finals in the meantime…seems like a lifetime ago for me! (I’m not THAT old…but it sure does feel like forever haha) :wink:

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Feel free to make a pull request on our GitHub any time you want - we’ll review it and merge if it’s any good! :slight_smile:

Thanks, it will all pass soon!