Ting not providing voice/text over 4G

Hello! I have a 4G Ringo and I tried to activate my Ting card today, and they said that their network (T-Mobile) will only support 4G on the phone (data) but not 2G or 3G (voice and text). Are they wrong? I don’t see any threads about this, but I’m pretty sure the 4G phone works on the Ting network for voice/text. I’m based in the US. Thank you.

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Voice can also be sent/received over LTE via VoLTE. The SIM 7600 module family says it supports VoLTE. Note that the 4G module should drop down to 2G GSM for voice if the carrier doesn’t support VoLTE, and so far 2G GSM voice still works (marginally) on Ting/T-Mobile. I can’t imagine why Ting told you they don’t support 2G GSM (unless they’re well aware that it sucks). They also support 2G CDMA on a different plan, but the SIM7600 can’t do that.

Since CircuitMess has supposedly tested the 4G MakerPhone with Verizon, 4G VoLTE must work because Verizon doesn’t support GSM. Whether Ting supports 4G VoLTE remains to be determined. You could certainly ask them.

Have you tried to make a call on Ting? If it doesn’t work indoors, have you tried it outside?

I’m waiting for my 4G to get to CircuitMess for replacement and then back to me; then maybe I can do some more experiments.

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