Different Speaker

I have a different speaker to the one on the Ringo build website. In fact, some of the mainboard components are different too. Why didn’t you update the main site? So, the speaker will not go anywhere. It is connected but just hangs there. Your website shows a round speaker tucked under the LCD. I have an oval speaker and it will NOT fit under the LCD - is it even supposed to? Also, it has a white ring cover over the perimeter of the speaker - am i supposed to pull that off?

Hey there,

We have two different types of speakers - they are the same in every way but the shape.
They’re also the same thickness, so you should be able to just tuck it in with a little bit of force. If you off the white ring cover, your speaker will also be a little sticky, so it should be held even more tightly. :slight_smile:

Keep in touch if you have additional issues,

FIXED - I just loosened off the screws a little, removed the sticky cover and slid the speaker under. The tighten the screws back up

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That’s great news!
Thanks for letting us know about this situation you had. We’ll update the guide and use new photos soon!